Member Portal

Real-time map

View the current level of I-Light network traffic displayed on a map of Indiana with Worldview.


Traffic stats

The live network status pages give members detailed information about backbone traffic and member connection status via graphs.


Router proxy

Run a configurable set of commands against devices on the I-Light network.


Flow data

This tool from Netsage provides flow data dashboards and visualizations by I-Light member institution.


Time-series database (TSDS)

High speed traffic graphs are collected at 1-minute samples using an open source time-series database (TSDS). The tool is a general data browser for this collected network information. 


Maintenance calendar

For the convenience of I-Light members, this calendar displays routine scheduled maintenance as well as the resolution status of unscheduled outages.


I-Light PoP codes

This is a listing of point of presence location codes.


I-Light member codes

This is a listing of member codes.


Additional documentation

Find more information about these tools and additional network tracking features.

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