Service offerings for our members

I-Light ensures the advanced networking needs of researchers in Indiana are met with the minimum of friction and cost. All members benefit from our core services and can choose additional optional services and partner services to meet their unique needs.

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Contact our Service Desk or submit a request within our ticketing system. Once you do so, a ticket number will be generated. A support team member will contact you within a day to follow up. Please have your corresponding ticket number available upon calling.

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Service Desk

The GlobalNOC Service Desk is staffed 24/7 at both Bloomington and Indianapolis for full redundancy. It's the first and final stop for all trouble tickets associated with any I-Light managed connection. As the primary hub for proactive network health monitoring, it provides immediate customer service and coordinates all supporting organizations for focused and fast problem resolution.


The GlobalNOC network engineering team handles all network issues. They serve as the owner of any outage for virtually any type or scope of network—whether it’s a campus network, I-Light, or a national network. The team manages technical efforts to design, upgrade, and enhance network infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving needs of the research and education community.

Network Design

The GlobalNOC provides I-Light members with proven expertise in collaborating with network owners on network design, specifically with an emphasis on the operational needs of networks.


The mission of The Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) is to aid and promote cyber security operational protection and response within the higher education and research (R&E) communities.


OmniSOC is the shared cybersecurity operations center for higher education and research. It rapidly delivers only critical, actionable, high-quality alerts 24x7x365, allowing cybersecurity staff to focus on what’s important, at substantial cost savings.

Learn about OmniSOC security tabletop exercises

Dedicated port-to-port service

This service gives members the ability to connect their main campus to a remote campus.

Commercial internet service

I-Light partners with commercial internet providers so members can purchase cost-effective services.

Grant assistance

I-Light helps members apply for funding through the NSF campus cyber-infrastructure initiative.

Commodity Internet Transit Service

Provides I-Light members with internet protocol (IP) v4 and v6 from commercial internet providers through the Indiana GigaPOP to be routed across various national and international network boundaries.

Research and Education IP Service

Similar to the commodity internet transit service, the Indiana GigaPOP provides I-Light members with internet protocol (IP) v4 and v6 connectivity to other national and international research and educational networks and institutions.

Layer1 Wave Service

I-Light’s DWDM System is optimized for 100G channels. Optical circuits can only be provisioned at 100G and include protection around the ring where possible. Protection is accomplished using an optical protect switch (OPS) at each endpoint, switching the direction at approximately 50ms when a path failure occurs.

Layer2 Ethernet Service

I-Light’s Converged Ethernet systems provides 1G and 10G ports with options to provision Ethernet Private Line (EPL) in a port to port scenario or Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) in a virtual port to virtual port scenario. EVPL differs from EPL in port usage, EPL services consume the whole port. Only a single EPL service can be provisioned to any given port. EVPL adds virtualized ports, which allow multiple services to be provisioned to a single port. EPL and EVPL services can be provisioned with or without G.8032 ring protection.

DDoS Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation is included with the Commodity Internet Transit Service, providing a mechanism for members to be protected from malicious attacks designed to knock computer systems or users offline. I-Light engineers can implement mitigation when an attack reaches a threshold affect members or network infrastructure.

Co-Location / Disaster Recovery Services

Members may opt to co-locate equipment at I-Light pops, for Disaster Recovery or other purposes. I-Light can provide connectivity between the co-located infrastructure and the members home institution. I-Light can also provide member to member connectivity for Disaster Recovery partnerships between members.


I-Light offers eduroam, a worldwide secured Wi-Fi network, at no cost to members. The network allows students, faculty, and staff at participating institutions to use their campus credentials to access wireless services at other eduroam-enabled locations and without setting up a guest account.

Net+ Services

The Net+ program provides services tailored to your institution’s needs and the support to implement solutions for your campus.

The Quilt

Through The Quilt, non-profit regional research and education networks collaborate to develop, deploy and operate advanced cyberinfrastructure that enables innovation in research and education.

SIP Services

Considering SIP as a solution for your campus? Here are a few things to consider during your decision‐making process. I-Light partners with various Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk providers to enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Members may select to procure VoIP services from any of the SIP partners.