OmniSOC services

OmniSOC will tailor a specific tabletop exercise that fits your needs, whether it is a technologist-centric tabletop designed for technical teams and the technical aspects of security incidents, to leadership-inclusive tabletops that involve executive leadership and focus on the business impact of security incidents.

The tabletop exercise process is straightforward and offers significant return
on a minimal investment of time. If interested, members should follow these

  1. Contact OmniSOC to schedule an exercise. The OmniSOC team will facilitate scheduling and logistics.
  2. Join a 30-minute prep call to discuss your environment, particular threats you are concerned about, and what personnel should be included during the exercise.
  3. Participate in a 60-minute tabletop exercise, immediately followed by a 30-minute postmortem to discuss the exercise's results and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Review OmniSOC’s after action report draft and provide feedback. OmniSOC typically provides this draft two weeks after the exercise.
  5. Done!

Overall, regular security exercises are essential for any organization's security
posture, and OmniSOC's tabletop exercises are a great way to strengthen
yours. With two types of exercises available and a straightforward process for
conducting them, members of the I-Light network can improve their security
posture with ease.


"It forced us to review our documents and realize the redundant parts."

"The facilitator did a great job of keeping the scenario moving, incorporating all stakeholders in the exercise."

“The exercise provided a good opportunity for our staff to work through a security incident response. It was helpful to talk through not only the actions of different people, but to consider what tools might help in response, or to mitigate the severity of an incident.”