I-Light Member Services

I-Light ensures the advanced networking needs of researchers in Indiana are met with the minimum of friction and cost. Members benefit from included resources and can choose additional services to meet their unique needs.

I-Light Member benefits

Service Desk

The GlobalNOC Service Desk is fully staffed 24/7 at both Bloomington and Indianapolis for full redundancy. The Service Desk is the first and final stop for all trouble tickets associated with any connection managed by I-Light.

  • Supports all members’ I-Light network connections
  • Serves as the primary hub for proactive network health monitoring
  • Provides immediate professional customer service
  • Coordinates all supporting organizations for focused and fast problem resolution


I-Light members are supported by the GlobalNOC network engineering team, which handles all network issues. They serve as the owner of any network outage for virtually any type or scope of network—whether it’s a campus network, I-Light, or a national network.

This engineering team also manages technical efforts to design, upgrade, and enhance network infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving needs of the research and education community.

Network Design

The GlobalNOC provides I-Light members with proven expertise in collaborating with network owners on network design, specifically with an emphasis on the operational needs of networks.

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Service options

Commercial internet service

I-Light partners with commercial internet providers so members can purchase cost-effective services.

Dedicated port-to-port service

This service gives members the ability to connect their main campus to a remote campus.

NSF grant assistance

I-Light helps members apply for funding through the NSF campus cyber-infrastructure initiative.

Partner services

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